Bus Rules


All school rules are in effect while a student is riding the bus or at the bus stop. The following rules are in place on each bus for the student’s safety. These rules also appear in the student handbook. Please go over these rules with your children, stressing how important they are for the safety of everyone aboard the bus.

Rules at the Bus Stop

1. Get to your bus stop 5 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. The school bus driver will not wait for late students.
2. Respect the property of others while waiting at your bus stop.
3. Keep arms, legs and belongings to yourself.
4. Use appropriate language.
5. Stay away from the street, road or highway when waiting for the bus. Wait until the bus stops before approaching the bus.
6. After getting off the bus, move away from the bus.
7. If you cross the street, always cross in front of the bus where the driver can see you. Wait for the driver to signal to you before crossing the street.
8. No fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay.
9. No use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

Bus Rules

1. Immediately follow the directions of the driver.
2. Sit in your seat facing forward.
3. Talk quietly and use appropriate language.
4. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
5. Keep your arms, legs and belongings to yourself.
6. No fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay.
7. Do not throw any object.
8. No eating, drinking or use of tobacco or drugs.
9. Do not bring any weapon or dangerous objects on the school bus.
10. Do not damage the school bus.