Medications in School

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Prescribed Medications at School

Many students are prescribed medications they need to take at school. All prescription medication must be stored in the health office. To add your child to the medication schedule, just following these steps:

  1. Provide either a completed Medication Authorization Form or documentation from your child's provider that lists the name, dose, time, and method of administration. This information should be turned in at the school office.

  2. Personally bring the medication to the school office (students are not allowed to transport prescription medications themselves).

  3. Tell your child when to come to the office to get their meds. Some kids are very good at remembering to get their meds on their own, and others need reminders or need to actually be escorted to the office. We can work out a plan that works best for everyone.

A special note about inhalers and EpiPens: Kids may carry their own inhalers or EpiPens, if that is what the parent chooses. Many kids prefer to keep their inhalers in the health office, where they have unlocked access to them any time, and can use them in a private space. Other kids like to keep their inhalers in their backpacks or cubbies.

Most EpiPens are kept in the emergency bag at each school, but some kids choose to keep them in their backpacks, or with them at all times, or both. The important thing is that we know where to get the EpiPen if we need it.

Over-the-Counter Medications at School

High School

Students in grades 7-12 are allowed to keep over-the-counter pain medications (ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.) as long as a parent or guardian has indicated approval on the emergency contact form that is updated at the beginning of each school year.

Elementary School

Elementary students may receive over-the-counter medications according to parent/guardian permission provided on the OTC Medication Authorization Form. At the elementary school, even over-the-counter medicine must be kept and given in the health office.