Schoology Troubleshooting

  • Known Issues:

    Not able to login to Schoology:
    Staff and student need to use to login. 

    Not being able to submit an assignment:
    Please have the student/teacher try the troubleshooting tips below:

    Tip 1. Clear your browser's cache --> verify that third party cookies is disabled --> log back into Schoology -> reconnect to the Google Assignment App:

    Tip 2. Go to the Google Assignment --> "Submissions --> and click "can't see your document? click here" to perform a force logout -> click "Connect" -> and type in her school email address and password.

    Reference articles:
    Tip 3. Remain on the Google assignment and copy/paste this link into the browser's URL to perform a force logout: > and then log back into Schoology and reconnect.

    Tip 4. Restart the device. Try a second browser or device and connect to Google.

    Requesting Help:
    Students should first go to their teacher to report a problem - if they can't resolve then it can be escalated to Mr.Hatz  
    Teacher or Students requesting help must email all the following information before a ticket can be opened with Schoology Support on your behalf:

  • Name of Student
  • Name of Teacher
  • Name of Class (as it appears in Schoology)
  • Name of Assignment (if assignment related)
  • Exact error message or screen shot of error message.